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Naturally firmented sourdough, handmade pastries and quality pies. We love to share our family favorites with you.

Our sourdough is made with organic flour, water and sea salt. We give it a cold, slow rise overnight, allowing it to culture the best sourdough flavor and goodness for you.


Organic Flour, Salt and Water. Natural fermentation without commercial yeasts, just the way nature made it. Shaped by hand, we put our heart & soul into our breads. Visit our bakery everyday to try our changing selections of sourdough.

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Artisan Breads

Non-GMO flours and natural ingredients made exclusively for our Paninis, served in our Eatery where everything is made from scratch.

View our bakers at work through our large bakery windows before dawn.

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Fresh or frozen fruit, sandwiched inbetween buttery shortbread crust and crumble. If you like pie, you'll love our new favorite - crumbles! We use all butter for a flakey shortbread base, then we pile on the fruit and top it with more buttery shortbread crumbles. You'll say "Bye" to pie after taking a bite!

Sarah's Cinnamon Rolls
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Best Cinnamon Rolls you'll ever taste. Promise. It's the family recipe that keeps on giving. This recipe originated from Sarah's mother. Every Friday we bake fresh cinnamon rolls, blanketed in a maple glaze. We also offer seasonal flavors of cinnomon rolls. Like her mother, Sarah has kept the tradition of showing love through food.

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